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How to mock Observable with byte[] payload?

Can I unit test an Observable with mocking the payload?
For example, in my HttpClient I have a put method that takes a byte[] and sends it on the request. I’d like to mock it and verify that the proper request has been sent.


You can create your own set of byte[] payloads for the observable and inject them where you need them.
Just be aware that Byte[].class is internal and I would not recommend using it in production.


how to load charactermap resource in SQL*Plus

Is there a way to load charactermap resource in sql*plus. If yes, then how to do it?


Yes, you must have the utils.jar file (I believe it’s on all platforms) in the ORACLE_HOME/lib directory:
$ java -jar utils.jar cp1250
$ java -jar utils.jar cp866

Then, load the resource into your session:
$ sqlplus user/pass@server@database


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