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Are there any multi-book first edition reprints?

Are there any companies or individuals that collect an exclusive multi-book first edition reprint of a fantasy novel and publish it themselves or outsource to a company?
I ask because I’m struggling to find a decent condition first edition of The Illiad available on the open market that’s not a quick flip copy.


Found this page of second hand books a few years ago, seems like it may be a company. The picture is still of the covers, but it looks more like what one would buy from a bookseller than a library.


As of today, only one publisher has a comprehensive catalog of backlists in English. My go-to source for second-hand books is www.worldcat.org. It’s especially useful when a book isn’t listed and you want to know what it’s worth. For e.g., looking up Dontnod Entertainment’s Young Deirdre is fun; but finding a copy is not. Sometimes, copies of book you’d like to have can just be found on eBay. Check ebay.com/ask and various subjects (e.g., girls, beards, etc.).
Finally, I’ve used Abebooks to get a few second-hand books that I’ve never been able to track down on my own. The service is free and they have a good selection of older books


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Daily Stormer

January 15, 2016

Sheriff of Champaign County, Illinois says that a black man named Tyrone Harris attacked two white men because he believes they’re all white cops.

He says that the white men were chopping wood when Harris attacked them, but that the two men chased him back to his home, where a black man also lived with Harris.

One of the two white men told the police that Harris was black.

The “blood splatters” on his house confirm to police that he indeed is black.

The two white men were arrested for aggravated battery, and Harris (“Sinner”) was arrested for aggravated battery and battery.

This should be a pretty good reality check for the Alt-Lite.

In an interview with the Champaign News-Gazette, Sheriff John Chappell said that “Tyrone Harris is a fierce animal. I don’t know how many times I have talked to him since he has been here. It would be too many times for me to say how many times he has been placed in handcuffs.”

Chappell said that Harris is “a danger to the community.”

He added that Harris was acting like a “king” in his community.

“He was acting like a sinner in the community. He was a big man with a reputation. He didn’t like white folks,” Chappell said. “If you knew him, you didn’t like to mess with him.”

The blood splatters on Harris’ house are so