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Probability of draw 2 red, 2 blue and 3 white balls with restrictions

If there are $N$ balls in a bag, find the probability of drawing $2$ red, $2$ blue and $3$ white balls by randomly picking out $M$ balls ($M \lt N$) by picking one ball from the bag.
I can see that it would have to be $M^3-M$ so two red balls and three white balls in the first group and then two red balls and one white ball in the second group (we have $2$ more of the same colour than of the other colour)
but I don’t know why the third ball would be a white ball (this is where I’m having trouble). Can someone explain to me how to solve this?


The third ball can be any of the $M$ balls.
Therefore, the problem reduces to probability of choosing any of the $M$ balls with probability $\frac{1}{M}$ and then summing all probabilities.

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In the manufacturing process, the frame members are typically made of formed plastic. A glass pane is affixed to the frame members to form the frame. The glass pane is subsequently removed from the frame and the molded frame members are secured together to form a frame defining an opening. In the known self-molding glass doors, the glass pane is mounted to the frame members by an adhesive material. In order