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Sonix TechNusic Sonic Academy. 1.7.8 released 0 1. Release Notes. Sonic Academy 1.7.8 is now available. This update includes the following changes, fixes, and new features. 1….Q:

How to export the React Context in asychoronous way, when using the useContext()

import React from’react’;
import { useContext } from’react’;

export default class AlertsContextProvider extends React.Component {

getData() {
if (this.context) {
return this.context;
return { count: 1 };

getContext() {
return this.context;

render() {

return (




export const AlertsProvider = () => {

const AlertsContext = React.createContext();

const [data, setData] = React.useState({ count: 1 });

const [AlertsContextProvider, setAlertsContextProvider] = React.useState(() => AlertsContext);

React.useEffect(() => {

setAlertsContextProvider(() => AlertsContext);
}, []);

return (

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