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Is this homebrew system to create spells that can be used to summon new creatures even legal?

In an earlier question on designing your own spells I asked for ideas on how to design class features for a character’s spells. I’ve decided to go with the idea of having spells that can summon new creatures, but the way I came up with it I’m not sure if it’s even legal:

Order a spell that has the caster using a certain type of creature to represent a spell effect
The spell has a command word, a target and an amount of caster level that need to be filled by the caster and his level
The caster must use the command word to «summon» the creature. The creature can be of any CR that the caster and the spell caster can both handle
When the spell is cast, in addition to spending the spell slots normally, the caster must spend an additional amount of sorcery points equivalent to the CL of the spell. For example, for a spellcaster of 9th level, a spell whose caster level is 1, the caster would add 1 (the caster’s level, not the spell’s) to the amount of sorcery points needed

My question: Is this way of creating spells that summon new creatures legal?
I hope I’ve explained this well enough, if not feel free to ask for clarification. Thank you for your time and your attention.


I think your idea could work

Would allow the same «summoning a creature of a specific CR» at the cost of increasing your caster level as your spell level.
Could allow for non-sorcerer casters to make useful spells.
Would be a set of rules for creating custom spells. This would mean that it would be balanced in the way that you want to make your custom class spells balanced.

Admittedly, I am a fan of starting out with custom spells. Perhaps the most well known example is the Eberron book of Arcane Aparition (Tome of Magic

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