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Roblox is an online game platform that allows users to program their own games on a variety of themes and genres.

Later, the creators of Roblox decided to create “Arcade,” a new platform that was meant to be more accessible to players, at the expense of tool development. Roblox Arcade was offered as a free alternative to Roblox Studio users to allow them to create new games, but limited to a user’s ability to make games for a few dollars, based on the in-game currencies. The Studio and Arcade platforms would slowly merge, and around 2013, they were combined into the Roblox Studio and Roblox Arcade. Roblox Studio is still available to those who wish to learn to code and make a game while Roblox Arcade remains available to those who wish to make games by purchasing them.

My first blog on Roblox started in 2014, at the beginning of Roblox Studio’s API Beta testing, I posted a few papers on subjects ranging from Roblox’s future and features to the studio’s development and the company’s past. I would go on to post in the following years as new features were added to the Studio and their effects took place. By the start of 2017, I would post on the release of several important Studio features, including Roblox Studio’s character designs, login and administrator panels, refactoring of Studio’s API, and change of Roblox’s forum.

I would then give more attention to the Studio as it became more established on Roblox. I would also began studying MOBA-style games and the Studio’s structure and approach, as well as feature and content development. Eventually, I would give more attention to Roblox Studio’s history, relating the growth and changes that Studio has gone through.

This site is about the Studio’s history, and how Studio has changed since its first release. I will also touch upon the Studio’s issues and controversies. I will also post occasional articles about the Studio’s future and the future of Roblox as a company.

Commenting Policy:

New comments are no longer allowed on this site. Future comments will not be posted on new discussions due to the creation of the site. However, this will not affect old discussion due to the new site. Of course, there will be plenty of


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