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Here are some cool videos for your enjoyment: Show Me Collection, a curated playlist of videos by the SocialQuant group on Youtube. Orlando’s Digital Cluster, a collaboration by Cnet, COHO Reports, and the Orlando Business Journal, that looks at the future of our tech economy. Smart Social Media, a roundup of the best social media news and advice from around the web, from Apple to Oculus to Whoopi Goldberg. 5G on the Rise, an article from Newsweek that discusses the 5G wireless standard that is expected to come online over the next few years. The Future of the Internet, a video course by the University of Helsinki, that explores the intersection of digital technology and society. Medium, a personal publishing platform, is one of the most visited websites in the United States. Based in San Francisco, Medium hosts over 1.2 million blogs and 3.2 million articles, making it a popular source for information, publishing, and academic research. It was founded by the 23-year-old veteran computer programmer and self-described «brogrammer» Evan Williams in 2006, and Medium is now owned by the digital media giant The Washington Post Company. Medium is a self-serve, multi-platform publishing platform that allows people to create blogs, photo journals, audio and video journals, and book reviews for their personal publishing account. Users can then visit other personal accounts or follow popular users. Medium is free to use, but it allows users to make money if they choose to do so. Medium uses the innovative, zero-knowledge proof contracts-as-code (SPECTRE) protocol to create irreversible digital tokens that can be used to «buy» other user’s Medium URLs. David Smith, a former social media director at the University of Southern California who founded the now-defunct social network Votizen, has written an open letter to Medium founder and CEO Evan Williams about a new Medium project called «Perks,» which uses «usable digital tokens that will give creators more ways to earn and spend money and still not have to ask anyone for any money.» Google announced the first official developer preview of its new socially network, Stadia. The platform promises to improve the experience of streaming games from desktop, mobile or console through a mix of quality assurance and marketing. In this blog, Conor Guarasci, the Product Lead for Google Stadia, writes that Stadia will help developers «share the value of their


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No Hackable! What is Roblox? One of the most popular game platforms in the world, Roblox is the most popular social game platform that has recently gained a lot of attention in the communities. The gaming platform is popular for a simple reason: you can have some fun in a very simple way. It can be a game or a show or anything that you want and you want to share with your friends. How is Roblox different from other game platforms? The idea of gaming is not a new one: most of us remember the classic classic gamer, Nintendo’s “Boy” or the Atari 2600 game. However, there is a big difference in the idea of playing and the type of user interface. Unlike normal gaming, here, we play based on exploring and seeing what we can find on the gaming platform. We do not play “kill or die” or “to win or not to win”. At least not in the true sense of the word. The answer to the question “to win or to lose?” The interface is very easy: we can upload any type of content, including videos, images or almost anything that is stored on our computers. We can choose it, add it and share with other friends. It is true that we can also play with characters and other very interactive things, but you must know that, in a sense, Roblox it is a gaming platform where it is not necessary to learn an interface. You just have to learn how to “see” it. Why do people create new things on Roblox? In the popular platform, you can create a new game, or you can have a very talented creator create something for you. In this case, you can customize it, play it and share it with the rest of the community. The gaming platform is one of the most available platforms in the communities: you can play alone or with friends, even with a broad user base. In fact, you can use the platform to have fun playing with people of all ages and even having a fun interaction with “in-game” characters from different media universes, including movies or games. What is the charm of Roblox? We have all heard of the famous and powerful social network Facebook. However, we have not really spoken about the other social network that has been hit with mass 804945ef61


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Take the field of battle with RYZE Corp You can battle it out in the military arena in Strategy games against other people or robots. This is an area where you need to create a shield for your… Help popular little princess to collect all star blocks. Use already completed levels to collect orbs and beat them. Have a little fun playing Little Princess! Introducing your Little Princess she will be able to collect the… Try to open the door of the «Cocaine Factory». Help Cocaine to free his girlfriend who is imprisoned in the «Cocaine Factory»! In Cocaine Factory you will find «cocaine»… the addictive drug that will wipe… Cripple Challange is a slightly different clone of the classic game Wordfeud. Cripple Challenge is a game that’s played like Scrabble. There are five disks on each side. Each disk shows a different letter. Each of the letters… Use eNet Real time multiplayer map builder to build your own maps, tournaments or we play games together online to show off your new creation. Get online, setup a new server and build your own online games using a simple… Explore the rainbow with Rainbow Skies. Go on amazing adventures across seven colourful worlds. Collect stamps and power-ups along the way to complete the levels. Earn a silver ribbon for completing a level and unlocking the next one. Good… Classic mode. Your aim is to take as much money as you can from the register before the round is over. Your opponents will not be able to play against you until the round is over. During the round you will get warnings as follows… Rare but awesome. You will have a few bullets and will have to avoid the zombies while shooting. Did you know that the zombies will be able to turn invisible and walk like statues? Player 2 plays as a zombie that tries to kill the other player. The goal is to either kill the other player or elude him and survive Try different strategies in this game. In Sweet Kingdom you play as a cute little mouse named Kaira who wants to be a fashionista and win hearts. Meet cute girls, buy clothes for Kaira and increase her confidence. The gameplay is based on timing. You need to do and… The only way to win is to avoid doing everything when facing angry bosses. (Yes, all of


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So, what can we do to get free robux? Roblox gold is the in-game item that players earn while playing the game. It has many functions, and players can use it on their games. You can spend it on in-game items and you can also use it to buy in-game currency, Robux. You can earn robux free from a lot of sources. The most common and easy way to get free robux is to watch ads. This means that you can get robux when you watch Roblox ads. The average cost of Robux can be around $10. Even this is much cheaper than the $15 that other game developers charge. You can also get free robux when you play games with in-app purchases. In this method, you pay for robux but you get more than you paid, and this is the original method that most Roblox gamers use. You can also earn free robux by downloading plug-ins. In this method, there are tools that you can use to make robux without spending money. There are a lot of advantages to using these tools, and you can make a lot of robux using them. We will mention some of the best tools here. We will look at free robux sources here and tell you about how to earn them. I’ve used Roblox’s paid methods a bit, but since I’m really looking to do this legitimately and get good equipment, I’ve decided to start doing it with free methods. I need to go through the steps to make sure that it isn’t anything obvious though. I’ve followed quite a few tutorials on how to make money and earn free robux. Once you get some free robux, you can use the free robux to buy useful items. You can get a ton of good free robux from free robux sources, as well as from users who don’t know how to keep their own accounts safe. You can also earn free robux from completing tasks, doing surveys, playing games, watching ads, completing special missions, and more. As for the actual method, I’m going to use the 5 Step method. I’m going to make an account, buy Robux, use the hacks, wait a day, and then transfer my robux over to my primary account. If you have an account for RockNFire, make sure you don


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