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SQL: Insert into table but replace if exists

I have the following table:
id | filename | attribute
1 | filename.txt | «a»
2 | filename1.txt | «b»
3 | filename2.txt | «c»
4 | filename3.txt | «a»

How would I (pseudo code) update the table like so, but also where it says «a» it replaces it with a function like so:
id | filename | attribute
1 | filename.txt | «a»
2 | filename1.txt | «b»
3 | filename2.txt | «c»
4 | filename3.txt | «a»
5 | filename4.txt | «A»
6 | filename5.txt | «B»
7 | filename6.txt | «C»

The file names are not really static, they are dynamic, so I only want to run this script against a single, known file name, not all filenames in the database.


One way to do it is to use a substring function and a regular expression to change it
update mytable
set filename =

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Fascinating story, too. I first read it when it was published in Analog in 1998, and I instantly fell in love with this weird two-part epic about the origins of the Guard, and how they came to their world. Lots of good specifics about their world and technologies, too.

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