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This time, when I run the SPService desktop app, I get:

Unable to connect to remote service. Service Control Manager ( SCM ) related:
Service not found. Code: 0x00000000.


I was able to successfully activate Office 2003 using this kb.
Activation is a bit slow, it takes ~30 min to complete the process. You may speed it up by disabling Office offline activation.

Noël Boutonnet

Noël Joseph Boutonnet (15 November 1884 – 21 March 1958), was a French politician and member of the resistance during the Second World War.

Boutonnet was born in Paris, a grandson of the founder of the Boutonnet café dynasty. He was educated at the Lycée Janson de Sailly and at the École Polytechnique. He was a graduate of the École des Langues Orientales et Eurasiennes (1899). He was Secretary of State for Education from 1938 to 1940 and Minister of Education from 1940 to 1942. He became a member of the Académie française in November 1943.


Category:1884 births
Category:1958 deaths
Category:Politicians of the French Third Republic
Category:Lycée Janson de Sailly alumni
Category:École Polytechnique alumni
Category:French Ministers of National Education
Category:Members of the Académie française
Category:Officiers of the Légion d’honneurQ:

disable subclass can be successfully used on XCode 7

I want to disable subclass (for prevent child class override parent class method or overriding signature).
Also I know XCode has error checking, my question is, is that error checking can achieve this purpose? and what exactly does error checking means?
P/s: I’m wondering whether like swift feature, Xcode 7 allows to disable subclass on.m file level


Not without writing your own code, No, If you want to change a signature it means that there is no compatibility with the parent class. You are now extending your class and the parent will not call your function.
Even if you implement an abstract method you are still allowed to overwrite it, as long as it is implemented in the child class you have not changed anything but the signature and you are allowed to override it in