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As the two Koreas have begun their annual festivities, South Korea is rejoicing at many more tourists heading their way. But the real drivers of change in tourism in South Korea are business, and fast. There is a generation of Koreans who are willing to flout the ban, but now there is an incentive to talk about the tourist past, and hint at the future.

The streets of Seoul are decked in the colour of the year: red, of course, red and gold, red and white, red and black. They are the colours of the two countries as they cheer for their favourite football team: blue for South Korea and red for North Korea.

And then there are the flags: Korean blue on the blue, and Korean red on the red. The white caps of South Korea, the red bands of North Korea, and South Korean flags fly shoulder to shoulder as if they are always meant to be together.

But behind closed doors, as the two countries mark the beginning of the year with a traditional riot of fireworks, the two countries face off for a different reason. The crowds are there to celebrate, but the stars are mostly Chinese this year. Across both countries, tourism is at its highest point for a decade, fuelled by an increasingly prosperous Chinese middle class and a softening in China’s trade disputes with the United States and Europe.

But South Korea’s tourist numbers are still much higher than North Korea’s, a reflection of the situation here. South Korea is a recent entry to the luxury tourism market, but has seen one of the fastest years of growth in nearly 30 years. In 2018, about one in three South Koreans travelled abroad. In North Korea,

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