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php using mysql to pull the user personal data

Im working on a project, I use php, mysql, and twilio, because I need to use the phone number to send messages.
I would like to use php so the user could see more personal information about himself.
Here is a part of my database:

When it sends a message, I want to show the user his name, title, and bio.
So my questions are:

How do I send an http request to my php file, so it sends the message to the user’s cell phone?
How do I send the request to the database and show the user the data I want?

I know I must use mysql and php, I just don’t know how to make it work.
Thank you for you help.


How do I send an http request to my php file, so it sends the message to the user’s cell phone?

An http request is a communication method to your server from the user’s cell phone. And you can get this request and parse it in php. You can write a simple php script like this:
$data = file_get_contents(»); // or some other way
$data = json_decode($data); // convert string to json
$message = $data->message; // convert json to array
echo $message[‘username’]; // echo a specific key from this array

How do I send the request to the database and show the user the data I want?



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