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Description:  NFS : THE RUN is back with a brand-new look, bringing together the best of both the original trilogy and NFS : Most Wanted. You can play NFS : THE RUN as you have always played it: As a high-octane racer around the world, making gut-wrenching decisions, jumping off of cliffs, and dealing with one of the most notorious and ruthless drug cartels. Or you can play as a cop, working a joint task force with other departments to bring down the cartel’s most violent soldiers.
#NFS[It’s-a]Run-n-Racer 3.53
Install nfslab.rar and run nfslab.exe
Download Password.rar and run nfslackpass.exe.
#nfslab 3.53.rar [NFS[It’s-a]Run-n-Racer 3.53]
Welcome to the pre-alpha stages of this new project! Please feel free to report any bugs. This is only a very early build of the game, and does not yet include multiplayer.
#NFS[It’s-a]Run-n-Racer 3.53[Adobe Flash Player 11.8]
Please update your flash player version, download link below..
#nfslab 3.53.rar
#nfslackpass 3.53.rar
#nfslab 3.53.rar
#nfslackpass 3.53.rar
When you insert the disc please be sure to use drive D, and disable Driver Signature Enforcement in your BIOS (I.E. right click my Computer -> Properties -> Advanced tab -> Device Manager -> Settings tab -> Hard disk -> Advanced settings -> Disable …
*Please note this game only supports 4k resolution*
*Will be pushed out to all platforms in a short while*
*If the game seems to lag, reduce the quality settings in the options menu*
All updates will be free
Thank you!
This version of NFS : The Run is playable in your browser:

As with all RAR files, you can extract this file with RAR.
#nfslab -nfslack

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Image Live Preview in angular-ui modal with ui-sref

I am using angular-ui to display a list of items with a link that will open a modal.
I would like to pre-populate the modal (or visible view) with an image (preferably a preview).
I have been able to get the code working by taking out the ui-sref directive and modifying the template to include an img tag with a ng-src that is going to display the image. However I need to use the ui-sref directive for opening the modal and the img tag is created on the fly which results in a blank modal.
Here is the Plunker

var app = angular.module(‘plunker’, [‘ui.bootstrap’]);

app.controller(‘MainCtrl’, function($scope, $modal) {

$scope.titles = [‘title1′,’title2′,’title3′];
$scope.content = [$scope.titles[0],’Content text goes here’,’Content text goes here’];

$scope.openModal = function (content) {
$scope.selected = $scope.titles[1];
var modalInstance = ${
template: ‘Hello, {{selected}}’,
controller: function ($scope, $modalInstance) {
$scope.ok = function () {

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