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Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation that allows users to program games and play games created by other users. Created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 and released in 2006, the platform hosts user-created games of multiple genres coded in the programming language Lua. For most of Roblox’s history, it was relatively small, both as a platform and a company. Roblox began to grow rapidly in the second half of the 2010s, and this growth has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Roblox is free to play, with in-game purchases available through a virtual currency called Robux. As of August 2020, Roblox had over 164 million monthly active users, including more than half of all American children under 16. Although Roblox has received generally positive reviews from critics, it has faced criticism for its moderation, microtransactions, and exploitative practices directed toward children.

Yes, you can get rich quick on a video game, if you’re willing to work for it. Based on how much effort a particular game will take to master, the player can earn a significant amount of money in relatively short amounts of time. Now, this is not to say that playing a game will instantly make you a millionaire, but it is possible to make money if you put in the time.

Roblox was formally announced on May 29, 2006,[1][2] and Roblox launched on September 23, 2006.[3][4][5] Roblox was founded by developer David Baszucki and programmer Erik Cassel. Baszucki had become frustrated by the lack of suitable game programming language for children to use, and Cassel was inspired to create a game platform that did not restrict users and allowed users to create games with their own programming. Two weeks prior to the company’s launch, Roblox Corporation raised $1.3 million in seed financing from Mayfield Capital.[3][4]
Roblox Corporation is a privately held company based in San Mateo, California. The company has its headquarters in Redwood City. Roblox Corporation was founded by developer David Baszucki and programmer Erik Cassel in 2004.[11][12] The company is incorporated in Delaware, and has been in business since 2005.[13] Its primary office is based in Redwood City, California.[14] Roblox is free to play, with in


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