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7-Zip is one of the most powerful and versatile software unpackers. With it you can extract EXE, ZIP, 7Z, and many other formats. It allows you to extract large files quickly without compression. It has command line interfaces to make it easy to extract from folders.

There are many things to consider while purchasing a PC. But the one that most of the people forget is their software. If you have a PC, it is probably installed with a wide range of different types of software, such as email clients, photo editors, video editors, language interpreters, databases, word processors, video games, etc. And to make the life easier, most of the time, software can be purchased in the form of a fully installed PC which is known as pre-installed software. By simply putting the CD or DVD in the drive, the software will be installed automatically.

The word «Gnu» means «English speaker». This arose because of GNU (GNU’s Not Unix) being developed by Richard M. Stallman for the purpose of a free operating system. The project grew and evolved into the Free Software Foundation, GNU and the GNU/Linux distribution. Today the Linux kernel and GNU are by far the most popular, but GNU is also around. The free software system may look for user control and freedom, but its roots are in convenience.

Cambridge is one the coolest download sites, in my opinion. You can download as much as you can, as they don’t charge any download fees. And most of their software is free. The only catch is that you have to search through a category of software to get to the category you want. As far as I know, Cambridge doesn’t offer the best prices, but you can get what you want here.