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If you want to download cracked games, GameNerdz is the ideal place. The front page lists the most popular games, the genres available, and the most important aspect: where you can download it. The latter is particularly important, because if it doesnt have a torrent anywhere to download it, then it is probably a scam.

Its a rather small site, but it is respectable. It features both games and applications. However, it is far from ideal. It offers absolutely no support, so if anything goes wrong, you have absolutely no way of telling if it is your fault or the website. It also takes up a lot of bandwidth – which is unlikely to appeal to power users.

Handyplay is a simple and short version website that has a big collection of popular games for Windows PC. Some of the popular games for download are Angry Birds, Mario Games, Mafia Wars, Minecraft, and Chivalry Online. If youre a fan of those games, this is the website for you.