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There are various reasons why I think you guys made a mistake listing a website with a software that replaces passwords. One is because it has a couple of cracked Password crackers. If you ask me though, I think you could have called it «Replace a Password cracker» Yes, that would be more accurate. Next, there is no verification of your keys or site. There is NO way to verify if they are legitimate, or not. Lastly, no way to verify the name of the site at all. So, just because you’re the first to add it to the list, you shouldn’t have. No excuses.

The Evil IP has already been in this list ( ), but I decided to add it again, because I also thought it deserved to be in this list. The Evil IP is a well-organized site that has a great layout. It’s not as flashy and gaudy as other sites, but I think it’s the best overall. I just wish it was bigger. It seems to be just a one man site, so if you visit it and you don’t find what you’re looking for, you should check back again. You might find something new.