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RarGator is a website that specializes in cracked software. In other words, they provide application whose developers decided to release them under an open source license but later changed their mind.
Most of the time, these applications are not compatible with the new versions of the software.

LiteSpeed is another website that focuses on cracked applications for the Mac. Aside from their gaming selection, they have a bunch of software, and most of them are cracked. Most of the applications available here are not compatible with the newest versions of MacOS, but its fine if youre looking to download cracked applications for Mac.

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Just as there are multiple sites for downloads, so are there for uploads. Reddit is packed with thousands of uploaders, with subreddits like /r/crackedgames, /r/gamerspy, /r/rogersgames, /r/intellagames, /r/ninjawolf, /r/rogersgames, /r/goodcrack, /r/goodcracksite, /r/romset, /r/gamexploits, /r/gizmodo, /r/speedrun, /r/skidrow, /r/penreviews, /r/tethered, /r/xda-developers, /r/xda-gaming, /r/android and a few more.

There are a ton of sites and forums for downloaders and uploaders. But the best out there is Its the best place to search for games to download. You can download games of all kinds like PC, consoles, mobile, and even future games like WWE 2K20, Star Wars: Battlefront, Fallout 5, Destiny 2, and more.