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Mobi-Save is a simple site to download mobile games, but it also happens to have an impressive feature set of sorts. When you first search for any games, you’re shown some categories. For example, we found some retro games, as well as more modern mobile games. There’s also a catalog of the top selling apps. Everything you need is here.

Apex Launcher is great for Android users, as it provides you with access to the best features of your phone or tablet. The site is the best for quickly launching apps and even phone calls. It’s also a great tool to have if you’re an Android user.

Thepiratebay is a website that many of you are familiar with. The site focuses on offering mostly free movies and music, but you can also download other software, games, and just about anything else. Don’t expect to find quality, but it’s great for downloading anything you can fit on your hard drive.

Streaming videos can be a good way to watch movies, TV shows, and more. With many streaming websites out there, its best to compare them to see which is the best. Each site has different features, so look up all the benefits and drawbacks of each site before you sign up.

No matter what you are looking for, this website has it. The site lets you download a wide selection of Windows games and applications ( free and paid ). Game Head is organized according to the type of games you are looking for, as well as the platform.

Tech90 is one of the best sites, not only to download the games, but it also has very good instructions on how to install them on any linux machine, without causing much hassle! This website also offers the basic information of the game, released date, and also a direct download link to the game if you wish.