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During endovascular therapeutic or diagnostic procedures, a desired target site in a patient is sometimes difficult to accurately reach. For example, in order to perform a diagnostic procedure on a desired organ, it may be necessary to advance a diagnostic or therapeutic catheter to a position adjacent to the desired organ or site. In order to achieve this advancement, a sheath or guide catheter is often passed through a patient’s vasculature to the site. The diagnostic or therapeutic catheter is then passed through a lumen formed by the inner circumference of the sheath or guide catheter. Such passages of the sheath or guide catheter may be difficult, particularly in tortuous or small diameter vessels, as are often found in the coronary, cerebral, and carotid vasculature, and may even be impossible in vessels having no central lumen. Even if the desired site is reached, the sheath and diagnostic or therapeutic catheter may require retraction or removal before the desired procedure can be performed.
There have been attempts at creating self-advancing catheters that allow for rapid catheter positioning and navigation to a target site. For example, the Bowden and Waltman references disclose a catheter system having an elongated tube, a retractable sheath coaxially disposed over a distal portion of the tube, a push-pull wire disposed through the sheath, and a torque limiter for preventing rotation of the sheath relative to the wire. The catheter has a distal tip that is formed

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