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Brad DeLong’s latest Bleeding Heart Commentary is very thought-provoking. The issue he brings up is very interesting and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. It’s a thorny question because on the one hand «people have a right to public services,» and on the other hand, «austerity is necessary.» DeLong brings up the «placeholder problem» and I’ll discuss it in more detail after DeLong.

First, a bit of context.

One of the reasons the deficit is a problem is that people have a right to public services. They pay taxes and as a result they get a certain amount of public services. They expect these services to be provided to them. Not only that but they expect a certain level of quality (which we can talk about another time). If a public service is not up to the standard they expect, the people are upset.

Obviously this means that spending must be kept under control. This is more difficult than it sounds.

Before I tackle this, I want to note one thing. Tax and spenders and frugal spenders are both in the economic interest of the public. That’s it. Anymore discussion about the right and wrong of spending is a good way to end up debating about the relative economic positions of conservatives and socialists. So let’s keep it simple.

Now, onto DeLong’s question. «The problem with austerity is the citizens (those who have the right) actually DO pay for it. They are on the hook for the missed services. And they are hooked in a much deeper and more psychological way than the governments. It’s not just the services themselves that they pay for, but the underlying idea that their taxes pay for things that will never see the light of day. This means that the fiscal contracts worked out in the past, wherein the government promised to provide public services without charging taxes, can no longer be relied upon. That is, the government will only provide the minimum necessary level of services they set out to provide, and that is simply not enough to meet the expectations of the public.


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