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It is not possible to browse the folder via the GUI to find the needed file.
You should use the command line to find the file:
find /path/to/folder/with/folder/you/want/to/search -name yourfilename -print

In recent years, medical knowledge has been rapidly advancing. As an aspect of this advancing medical knowledge, there has been a dramatic advance in the image diagnosis technique by means of, for example, X-rays, ultrasonics, and computerized tomography (CT). The diagnostic ability improves step by step according to these advanced techniques. As a result, it has become possible to make more sensitive diagnoses of diseases such as cancer and circulatory diseases.
Therefore, there are many situations where X-rays are used even in a comparatively weak condition. Thus, the X-rays are irradiated as the following manner. The X-rays are first reduced to be of a predetermined intensity by way of a dose reducing device. Then, they are applied to an object to be irradiated. Thereafter, an intensifying screen is placed to face the object to be irradiated. By this arrangement, the X-rays are converted into visible light to be able to visualize the object.
The visible light emitted from the object to be irradiated is introduced into the interior of the intensifying screen. Then, it is emitted into the exterior of the intensifying screen again. The intensifying screen absorbs the invisible visible light with a non-linear converting material layer, thereby converting the light into the visible light.
Thus, the intensifying screen is for a purpose of converting the light not only from the object to be irradiated but also the X-rays transmitted through the object to be irradiated into the visible light.
The intensifying screen is required to have a capability for storing as much radiation as possible without substantial attenuation for as long a time as possible in order to allow sufficient X-ray irradiation.
In order to satisfy the requirement, the intensifying screen is made of a material having a large amount of spectral sensitivity for X-rays, such as a bismuth germinate (BGG) film.
The bismuth germinate (BGG) film has been proposed, for example, as a material which comprises a composition comprising substantially 50 to 80% by weight of bismuth salts of an organic acid and 10 to 30%

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