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It is the grand software of computer created the Bible Codes of fullThrottle and that designed our own version of many Bible Codes!

Actually, the Bible Codes are created by a computer, but the Bible Codes software has been tested to make sure that it does not use any type of computer hack. This means that the Bible Codes software is 100% safe and that is why you can even use it on your iOS devices! There is no need for jailbreaking or any other type of computer hack to run the Bible Codes software.

The Bible Codes software contains many more than the Bible Codes that the software developer, Jacob, created. The Bible Codes software contains more than 400 different codes from the Bible that can be easily broken down into up to 45 different groups of codes!

The Bible Code software can also be used with almost any Bible with the exception of the English Standard version. If you do not have a computer code for an English Standard Bible, then you can use the software without any problem. In fact, you can use it with almost any Bible that you have that has a computer code in it.

The Bible Code software is free, but in order to get the many codes that are contained in it, you must make a payment of $9.99. This is the price that you pay for 100 codes! Since you are already paying $9.99 for 100 codes, you will be spending less than $10 for all the codes!

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