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Roblox is a freemium, sandbox, 3D, multiplayer online game creation platform for children that is also a location-based social and gaming platform. It is most commonly known for its multiplayer player versus environment games, often referred to as PVEs, although this is not a requirement. Its software platform allows users to create user-generated content using a text editor. Players can upload and share their content with each other across multiple platforms, ranging from mobile devices to home computers, and Roblox has more than 200 million active users (as of 2019).
The platform was designed to allow users to create their own games and environments. Initially created by Erik Cassel and David Baszucki, Roblox Corporation was incorporated in 2005. Roblox is still owned by the Roblox Corporation and based in San Mateo, California.

There is the Pokemon GO Fest in NYC and there were tons of new events announced that are new for 2020:
New Events:
New Events for 2020
Fantastical Fall Fest
Launch Event – Marvel and LEGO Dimensions
Monster Hunt Live
Monsterfest Live 2020
Pizza and Popcorn
Pokemon GO Fest NYC
School’s Out for the summer
Summer Book Fair
Sunday Fun Time Live (SAT) in NYC
Wee Free Concert Series
13th Annual NYC Halloween Parade
New Haven Nightmare
New York Hot Air Balloon Festival
New York Street Book Fair
New York Surf Style Events
The Rumble in New York
Vermont Chocolate Festival & Fair
Plus New Events for the 2020 Pokémon Trainer Club:
Pokémon Trainer Club Event:
We’re going to host our first Pokémon Trainer Club event on July 10-12 in NYC! We will have special Pokémon Trainers Club-only events on July 10 and July 11, with a special Pokémon Trainer Club party on July 12. These are ticketed events, so be sure to RSVP at the link below to ensure you’re added to the waitlist!
Attendees will be able to earn tickets for special giveaways every 20 minutes, as well as exclusive Pokémon TCG Collectible Card Back designs.
Keep an eye on our social media channels to learn about more events as they are announced.
The Pokémon Trainer Club is a special group for fans that gets a monthly newsletter and can earn exclusive Pokémon TCG items and special Pokémon Trainers Club badges.
For more information on the Pokémon Trainer Club, visit us on Facebook or Twitter.
Pokémon Trainer


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Why is the number of distinct positive integers up to n equal to the number of non-negative integers up to n?

I’ve been thinking about this problem, and I thought I had a solution, but I wasn’t able to prove it rigorously.
I have that $F(n)$ is the number of distinct positive integers up to $n$, and $N(n)$ is the number of non-negative integers up to $n$.
Then, for any $n$, $|F(n) – N(n)| \leq 1$.
How can I prove that $F(n) = N(n)$ for any $n$


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Q: How do I cancel the list of search results?

Answer: You need to put /cancelsearchrequest. Place this line before you search. This will remove the «I was searching for…» text. If you put this line after you searched, you will see this text again.

Q: I have several friends on my friends list but the search can’t find them. Why?

Answer: If you place more than one friend into the searchbox, the search bot will search only one. The first person he finds will be what you search for. The number of friends he found is very important. If you search for one person from your friends list and there are more than one in there, he will find only one.

Q: Where can I find free robux?

Answer: There are 2 ways to get free robux. First, get «Robux Games» which has loads of free robux in the store. And second, download the robux miner (your game must be open). When you start the robux miner, click on the «start robux» button and you will get free robux.

Q: How do I create free robux on my server?

Answer: On the server you can create free robux for everyone to use. You can find this by going to and click on the «servers» tab. Click on the name of your server and go to the settings. You need to select «Unlimited Free robux» and when you click to save the settings, you will get a message that the settings has been saved. After that, everyone with a enabled server will have free robux on their server.

Q: I keep getting robux failed. What should I do?

Answer: It doesn’t show any errors in the game but it’s something with roblox. Check if you have tried to change something in the server settings and make sure the password is working.

Q: I tried a pirate decoder for my game but it didn’t work. What should I do?

Answer: There is another method to do that. Go to this website and find your game on the top. Click on the game and go to the settings. You need to click on «Pirate Decoder Code for game» and enter your code on the top. Then you will get free robux.

Q: I


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Paid Surveys

People are paid to take surveys. When you complete surveys online, you give answers to the questions on your screen.

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Surveys can pay from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the company.

Free Robux

Free robux is rewarded when you use Robux and complete the tasks on the Roblox page.

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