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Wildlife Wednesday – Tawny Frogmouth

This is just one of the smallest and least well-known of New Zealand’s native birds; a small, stocky, dark bird with a white throat. It’s a very unimpressive bird and definitely not the quality of the plumage. However, it is frequently perched very close to the road and in the trees above the road.

It is surprisingly vocal in the wild, giving a rattle of notes that are not unlike a young Robin’s call. It is a very noisy bird, somewhat reminiscent of a Large tit’s.

Tawny Frogmouth – Source wiki New Zealand. Used under Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike Licence.

In the wild it is quite gregarious, although not in large flocks. Sometimes it will form «dialect» groupings based on breeding area, usually around large native trees. However, it is not afraid of humans and will run for cover when disturbed.

Like most of our native birds, it is an introduced species and many have been trapped and shot or poisoned. It has been culled in certain urban areas. However


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