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VIKTOR now knows what it’s like to be publicly scolded by a referee.

The Russian forward had an ugly collision with Calgary’s Shane Doan in Game 2 on Tuesday, and was hit with a major for tripping.

The former superstar also was fined $2,500 for Game 2.

«It was one of those things where they said it’s a pretty big penalty and it’s a penalty that could cost you a lot, either a playoff point or a game,» said Jones. «So I think it was something that we had to look at and I thought it was a good call in the end. He was the better player. The only place to go was through him.»

Once Viktor was tagged, he questioned his partner, referee Corey Hirsch, who told him he would have to talk to the league to get further clarification on what constitutes a tripping.

«He said he would have to make contact with the league. I don’t really know too much about it. He basically said you’re out of the game but I don’t want you to do anything. They don’t let me know anything at all.»

For the record, Hirsch said he was responding to a question from a TV announcer.

«I said, I don’t want you to get hit by the coach. No one’s to take a run at anyone. They’re almost like a referee, if you want to call it a referee. With the linesman, they talk to him. I would say that’s about it.»

Viktor was asked if the whole incident changed his approach to the game.

«No. It didn’t really,» he said. «I’m not trying to be f—ing around, but at the same time when I see the puck, I’m going after it. When there’s a breakaway, I’m going after the puck.

«I thought the officials did a good job. I thought it was a good call.»

Hilarious moment

Since Tuesday’s game was a penalty-filled thriller, it wasn’t the only moment in the evening where Jones made an almost fatal error

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