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Roblox, a multimedia and gaming platform, is a creation tool designed to be versatile and easy for beginners to use, while still offering all the features required for advanced users.

During the first years, Roblox was an online community similar to Habbo Hotel, with multiple game functions, including an in-game chat where players could share tips, messages, and other in-game information.

When Roblox became a website in 2005, the games were not directly visible to users, as only registered Roblox users could access them. To become a registered user, users had to provide personal information, including a nickname, and a username.

Besides the difference in the amount of personal information required to access and create games, a notable characteristic of Roblox in 2005 was that the user interface was displayed in HTML.

The HTML interface, however, was only available to registered users and created by Roblox’s in-house developers.

The company was also aware of the risks of using a proprietary interface for a web-based community.

To promote the platform, Roblox released multiple demos, which allowed users to create their own games and copy existing games they downloaded from the website.

The first project created in 2005 was hosted by coders at Roblox.

The aim of the project was to create a platform in which anyone could easily make their own games.

Shortly after, however, the team decided to change their goals and to turn the platform into a tool in which novices could learn programming, while still ensuring that the gameplay experience was fun.

The project was eventually named ScriptPlay, and it featured a web-based IDE for learning Lua.

After a successful beta version of the platform, Roblox and its community publicly launched in 2007.

At this point, ScriptPlay was the only available platform, and other video game platforms such as Microsoft’s XNA were available, but Roblox was the only online platform that enabled users to create and play games.

In 2008, ScriptPlay was renamed to Roblox, and several projects were released, including one for JavaScript, allowing users to create games using HTML5 programming language.

Users in the ScriptPlay and Roblox communities were also invited to join a private section, which had built-in tools to teach programming.

In 2009, the website unveiled its first mobile client called Bloxels.

It featured


Features Key:


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To most people, the terms ‘robux’ and ‘roblox’ sound similar but dont share the same meaning. These are two entirely different things. Robux is a game currency, just like gold or stamina. Its found in popular video games such as Fortnite and CSGO.

Robalux was made by Roblox, Inc. on the Roblox brand. The purpose of robux is to allow players to fight each other inside the game and even complete tasks for other players. It stands for Rob


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Player Profile Hacks

Whenever I create a new Roblox account, a free profile must be created. When a new Roblox account is created, a profile is automatically generated. There is no player profile available in Roblox that you can edit. You can however find your account details in the game.

When you create a new profile, you will get a profile picture that you can use if you want to make yourself look better. You cannot change or edit your name. The profile display name can be changed but you can’t change your name to the one that you want.

Visit your account

Your account details can be found under settings in the game. Click the “View Profile”. Scroll down and click on the “Settings” menu.

You can change the display name here. Under the name section, you can edit your profile as well. You can change your avatar here as well.

If you want to change the profile picture, go to settings and click on the “Profile” tab. You can also edit your profile picture here.

Profile Images and avatars

In Roblox, there are three different types of characters you can have your avatars as:

Male – the default profile image is a clown but you can choose from three types of images available. You can use anything from your computer that is of a good quality and at least 30 x 30. You can use any stock image (like Facebook or Google) on Roblox.

Female – the default profile image is a cat but you can choose from three types of images available. You can use anything from your computer that is of a good


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