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Nearly half of potential candidates failed to file their tax return – Poll

For the second year in a row, half of possible CTV candidates have not been able to file their tax returns, a new poll released Thursday suggests.

Poll results suggest at least one-third of the candidates could be on to something with their plan to withdraw from the NDP convention to force the party to get back to work at reforming the tax system.

The Alliance for Free Taxpayers, which has endorsed the statement, said 19 per cent of candidates in the last election qualified for a refund, the lowest level in six years.

“The response to the statement has been, quite frankly, extraordinary,” said Diane Johnston, spokesperson for the group, on Thursday. “We thought it was strong enough that we’d make the statements public. We had no expectations it would go this far.”

The statement, signed by more than 150 Alberta candidates, says the party will be “open to any discussion about how to improve the tax system,” but also says “not everyone agrees with our approach of tax reform,” and that the party’s commitment to anti-poverty programs trumps the need for a progressive tax system.

At the time