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To access the torrent, visit PirateBrowser . Youll then enter the game youd like to download. Youll see a list of results that you can just click on the ones youd like. Theres no need to pay to download software, as is the case with other sites.

Games like Star Wars are best for torrenting. There are countless torrents for people who like to see games before theyre gone. Star Wars is safe to say most people like. Of course, most of the time the official/legal download is the best choice, but for now, piracy is all weve got.

The website is connected to the Google Play store. By entering the game you want to download, youll then be redirected to the Google Playstore page where you can install it via the store. Its super simple and your game should be done in under a minute. The site itself is simple and easy to use. Its got a lot of popular apps and games.

Blink Website Loader uses a clean and simple interface that focuses on customization to make it as useful as possible. It integrates with popular download managers like IDM and more and lets you set up automatic updates. You can also opt to make your own autoupdate script which loads from a backup, which is helpful when you need to download a very specific software.

Dimdim is different from most sites on this list; where the others look for the best files, the Dimdim homepage looks for the best resources. Theyre not just links to the best torrents, but theyre also links to sites that can help you get started with a particular program, like Writing Tools, which can help you write books or screenplays.