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JooVoo is another torrent download site that offers a host of media for free with no torrent software required. The site is divided into several categories like movies, TV series, music, etc. as well as a handy search engine. One of its highlights is a news section which is updated constantly with the latest news, happenings, and events in entertainment.

Websiteapps is an application website containing almost 3000+ applications of different categories. The apps are all free to download, and you can even purchase applications online that you can install on your mobile device (Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, etc) or PC.

This is a regularly updated website that keeps many downloadable media files (movies, software, etc) in a safe place. It provides top-notch security and encryption and is recommended for people seeking security for their data. You can upload and download files here without worrying about the data being at risk.

If you want to find some cool games, is the best destination for you. Unlike other sites, it is not meant only for download and gambling (some games have a rating system that goes from 1-5). Steam has something for everyone. While it may not be the best place to find first-person shooters, you can find cool games from any genre. It also has a lot of games for free, a great way to break your addiction to Candy Crush or whatever is keeping you from sleeping.Steam has over 15 years of history and over 100 Million registered users.

If you love cooking, then would be the best website for you. Online cooking is a fresh concept which is very popular these days. You can create your own recipes, your own chef profile, buy tips or even cook by watching video tutorials. This website has everything a foodie could dream about: recipes, cooking challenges, funny videos, cooking tips, and even games. Check it out!