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The latest Silly Spider investigation software scams, leaving small businesses looking at their methods of selecting security software. It’s always good to have a local security vendor. A good security vendor can explain why the solution has been successful on their clients. Each partner’s service is limited by the agreement. Comprehensive service would be expected for the monthly service charge. The service will be cancelled if there is no contact with the vendor for seven days.

Reading through the list of forbidden software you may notice a program you would like to install. What do you do? Where can you get it? There is a very simple solution: Visit the software publisher’s site and download directly.

However, more and more so-called «free antivirus» products, such as the free version of AVG are totally useless. They only provide an illusion of security to gain your confidence, and then infect your system with malware. At best they are a waste of money, but usually they are highly dangerous, and it is like selling crack to addicts. Most are «rogue» antimalware programs.

The viruses, spyware, key loggers, and Trojans that are often bundled in cracked software can cause your system to stop working or even make it crash. The worst thing is that the crashes are silent and can go undetected unless you are looking for them.
If you can’t afford to lose your data, then it is always a better idea to install only software from a reputable source. You can get cracked software from any place, but if you’re not sure where you’re getting it from, be careful until you are sure that it is safe.