Best Site for download BRILLIANT Accounting Stock Icons Free [March-2022] 🧨

OnlineCracker, currently, it is a privately owned software distribution website known for providing the latest cracked software as well as old versions of software. Its slogan is «OnlineCracker is a community of advanced hacker» and it has seen great success amongst its members. You can search by several parameters such as software type, country, price, operating system, rating, etc. to find what you are looking for.

HoloByte is a website that offers over 10,000 apps for Windows & Mac and is ranked as one of the largest free download websites on the internet. In addition to providing a large number of applications, it also provides a variety of information regarding them and in many cases tutorials.

Ddoser contains thousands of cracked software. There is no limit to the apps you can download, this website includes software for all popular operating systems. One of its best features is the ability to search for applications by name and by category. Apart from its huge database of software, the website is also ranked as one of the most popular software download sites.

Allegedly is also a website that provides cracked applications. It is however only a part of a larger company called Allegedly. Allegedly’s apps are provided by other third-party developer’s apps. Allegedly’s interface, however, is very simple, making it easy to browse its huge database and download cracked software without much difficulty.

Distronik is a website similar to Softpedia, you can also use this website to find cracked software. However, unlike Softpedia, Distronik also allows you to find cracked software for every product category. Moreover, the website categorizes various software on the basis of its difficulty level. Distronik is a very popular website amongst those who are interested in cracked software.