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While most CAD software focuses on making the process of designing and drafting easier, AutoCAD is focused on making the process of creating 2D and 3D drawings easier. For example, AutoCAD allows users to see what their drawings will look like before they start drawing them. Users can also determine whether the drawn design will fit within the available drawing space before creating any drawings.

AutoCAD provides tools that allow users to perform detailed analyses, such as fit, bend, and join tools, and to measure the dimensions of complex drawings. AutoCAD can also help the user to easily build 3D models using drawings as blueprints.

Autodesk 2017 Software Release

AutoCAD 2017, the latest version of the AutoCAD program is available for:

Home/School Edition

Home Edition Student Edition

Student Edition Professional Edition

Professional Edition Architectural Edition

Release Date: November 29, 2016

The following features are new in AutoCAD 2017:

Intelligent Zig Zag Drafting

Autodesk introduced intelligent Zig Zag drafting in AutoCAD 2016. Intelligent Zig Zag drafting is a feature that automatically determines the best drawing path for a drawing. The goal of intelligent Zig Zag drafting is to increase the quality of your drawing, save you time, and get you to the drawing section quicker. The following are the capabilities of intelligent Zig Zag drafting:

Reworking any and all paths in the drawing in real-time to follow the best zig zag path. If you are not satisfied with the results of intelligent Zig Zag drafting, you can switch to standard zig zag path drawing.

CAD Wizards

One of the most useful AutoCAD tools is the Drawing Wizard. It is used to make drawing more efficient. The Drawing Wizard has many wizards, like arc, rotation, dimension, connect, letter, layout, and other drawing wizards. When you use a drawing wizard, you can speed up the process of creating a drawing by providing your information automatically.

When you use a CAD drawing wizard, you are provided with the opportunity to customize the content of the generated drawing. The most commonly used drawing wizard is the dimension drawing wizard, which generates the dimensioned drawing.

2D View Presets

The 2D view is a tool that users can select from several predefined 2D views. By default, the view selection screen is always shown when you open

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The most recent AutoCAD Free Download versions support DXF Import and Export.

Mac OS X
In 2017, Autodesk released AutoCAD for the Mac. It includes the ability to import.DWG,.DWGx,.DAE,.DWF and.DGN files. A drop in version of AutoCAD 2011 (11.3) was also included. It has 3D modeling capability and the same drawing editor as Windows.

Mobile and tablet support
Since 2013, Autodesk has released a mobile app called AutoCAD 360 Mobile. It supports mobile drawing directly to mobile devices. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

In 2015, Autodesk has also released a new version of AutoCAD called AutoCAD for Mobile, available on iOS and Android devices.

A version of AutoCAD, dubbed AutoCAD LT, is available on Apple’s iPad and iPod touch devices.

Since 2013, Autodesk has also released a version of AutoCAD for Windows RT devices.

AutoCAD’s business application, AutoCAD 360 Plan&Eval, is also available on iOS.

In September 2016, Autodesk launched its new «AutoCAD Anywhere» service, an online product rental service. This lets third party companies create and deliver add-on products for Autodesk’s software products, through the AutoCAD API.

In January 2018 Autodesk launched a new Autodesk Exchange and Autodesk Plan&Eval add-ons for Autodesk’s AutoCAD software. These are cloud-based services that add capabilities to Autodesk’s existing business applications.

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Launch Autocad.

Open an existing drawing, or create a new one.

On the Start menu, open the CAD Menu and select Copy.

On the Start menu, open the CAD Menu and select Paste.

Select Copy from the menu bar.

Select Paste from the menu bar.

The Batch area is in the upper right corner of Autocad.

How to use the serial
Serial Key is a common form of software activation but requires no more than copying it to the correct location.

The following is for Windows users, however the information can be similar for other operating systems.

Create a folder named serialkeys. Inside of that folder you create another named serialkeys_arc.

Copy your serial (i.e. serial=12345, license=12345, activate=12345) into the folder serialkeys.

Activate your copy of Autocad.

Start Autocad, and select CAD Menu from the startup menu.

Select Activate from the CAD Menu.

Select Serial from the Activate menu.

Select the serial you wish to activate.

Select Next.

Enter License & Serial and click Next.

Enter License & Serial and click Finish.

You have successfully activated your serial.


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What’s New In AutoCAD?


Find and follow the instructions in this Help topic to learn to use AutoCAD for 2D drafting, plotters, plotters, and technical drafting. Get the full AutoCAD help system with AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD Expert.

How to License a File

A new “License” dialog window lets you specify where the file is being accessed from and gives you the option to purchase the license. (video: 1:24 min.)

Updated Cadd Files

The Quick Access toolbar contains new commands for creating and modifying blocks and annotation, such as arc and ellipse, in the drawing environment.

Added to the Command Line: The -draft command is now supported for draft save.

The autocad.log file is now supported in Windows.

Support for the HP Designjet 680 and HP Designjet 3500 plotters.

Autodesk Design Review can now be used in Windows and Mac OS.

and plotters. Can now use the method AutoCAD uses to define screen edges, called Standard-based absolute measurement (SBA). For more information about SBA, see “Setting the default selection method of the geometric edges to SBA” on page 81 of the AutoCAD help system.

An updated version of AutoCAD Design Review, now in beta.

An update to AutoCAD Mechanical.

. Improved robustness for converting space coordinates. For more information, see “Using Space-Based Management in AutoCAD” on page 81 of the AutoCAD help system.

Newly updated:

Drawing objects, which include options for creating drawings in the current drawing with no prompts for prompts for drawings, as well as the ability to specify block orientation based on the current drawing context.

Automatic referencing of drawings or views by drawing name or date and time stamp.

The list of default viewing options for drawings with the “View as” command.

The “Dimension Text” command is now associated with the dimension tool. (You must select a tool to use the command.)

The “Dimensioned Text” command is now associated with the dimension tool. (You must select a tool to use the command.)

Drawing objects.

General updates.

What’s new in AutoCAD LT 2020


System Requirements:

1GHz Processor or better
Hard Disk Space: 6GB
Software Requirements:
Windows 7/8/10
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