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The success of AutoCAD prompted Autodesk to introduce, in 1983, AutoCAD LT, a low-cost alternative for home and small business use. Shortly after that, in 1984, a new version, AutoCAD MMX, was introduced.

Modern AutoCAD User Interface

Today, AutoCAD is the most widely used CAD program. Since its inception, AutoCAD has become an extremely powerful application with a complex user interface (UI), yet, at the same time, it has lost its original “frustrating” look.

While maintaining the basic feel of the original application, modern AutoCAD has been re-designed so that it no longer resembles an assembly of meaningless icons. Today, the user interface is relatively easy to understand and use, and its components are related to each other in a logical manner. This provides a positive experience for users and lessens the learning curve for new users.

The interface of the new AutoCAD resembles the one of other recent programs, such as Rhino 3D, but the visual style is much closer to the original and highly acclaimed AutoCAD 3D as well as the newer products such as SolidWorks and Fusion 360.

Modern user interfaces have also incorporated some of the best design principles of modern UI design. It’s easy to navigate around the interface, and clicking the mouse does more than clicking on an icon, such as revealing a link. AutoCAD uses contextual commands that are associated with the main action of the mouse, such as clicking on a line in order to open the panel related to editing that line.

Fully New Look

Modern AutoCAD has retained the basic look of its predecessor, AutoCAD 2D, but it has been entirely re-designed. As with most modern graphic applications, the UI is primarily composed of widgets, meaning the visual elements of the program, such as dialogs, buttons, toolbars, and windows. These widgets and panels are also animated as the user moves through the application.

When users open the first window of a new project, they will notice the different elements, many of which were previously hidden behind windows. Figure 1 shows a small portion of the main interface. The upper-left corner shows the toolbars, which can be customized by users.

Figure 1: The top-left corner of the new Autodesk’s AutoCAD shows the various toolbars, including the 3D view

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3D Modeling
Autodesk 3ds Max allows users to import 3D models and maps.
AutoCAD Crack Keygen Map 3D allows users to make interactive 3D maps and view them in 3D.


AutoCAD 1.0

AutoCAD 1.0, the first version of AutoCAD, was published in 1991. AutoCAD was created by Peters Bros. (now Dassault Systemes) as the successor of their original program PDFLIB. The initials «A» and «D» were chosen to reflect the initials of the two creators of the software, Anton van den Bosch and Deon Heyns. The name «AutoCAD» was chosen because it means «automatic drafting».

AutoCAD 1.0 was a quad-window program. Four windows in the program area (at the bottom of the screen) occupied the same space as the four main window panes in PDFLIB: the document pane, the navigator, the plotter, and the status bar. In 1991, the three-window version, with the document, plotter, and status bar in the center, was introduced in AutoCAD for DOS. The design was chosen because the three-window layout was more compact than the four-window layout, and it allowed for a simpler editing mode that would make it easier to use. The three-window layout did not use the «four-by-four» type (grid) displayed on the four-window layout. The three-window layout was designed by the product development group at Peters Bros. and was first demonstrated at the 1992 American National Space Symposium.

AutoCAD 1.0 included a graphical user interface and a commands menu. The commands menu allowed users to view the commands available for a selected object or tool. It also allowed for custom commands to be defined. AutoCAD 1.0 could be operated entirely through its graphical user interface. The graphical user interface was the most complex aspect of AutoCAD 1.0. The designer of the interface was named «Michael» and was considered a test version.

The command set of AutoCAD 1.0 included commands to select, move, cut, copy, rotate, mirror, and scale, among others. The plotter command was used to create lineweights, 2D, and 3D line drawings, plot the mathematical functions y=x2, and import and export DXF, Post

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What’s New In?

As you model in your AutoCAD drawing, a new interface window is opened showing all features in your drawing, along with any annotations and crosshairs from the CAD-specific markup tools. Changes to the drawing show up in AutoCAD in the same location where you make them, so you can easily incorporate them back into your design. (video: 1:19 min.)

Markup Assist is a set of tools that provide design feedback and document annotation in your drawing, as you model and edit. Through the use of annotated text, crosshairs, and arrows, you can rapidly get feedback on your drawing.

Merging Features:

Merge two or more features together to create a new feature. Draw a line between two existing features to merge them into one. You can then change the resulting feature’s name or properties. The Merge tool is the fastest and easiest way to combine or combine existing elements in AutoCAD.

New in Python:

Python is a powerful scripting language built on top of the powerful AutoCAD API. In this release, AutoCAD is delivered as a stand-alone, cross-platform Python application. Access to all of the capabilities of AutoCAD through Python is faster and easier than ever before. New to Python is LSPython, a command-line interface (CLI) for AutoCAD. This new command-line interface, plus the addition of the Dynamic Input, makes the Python scripting easier and more powerful than ever. Python script objects (PSOs) can now be called and executed from a command line, not just AutoCAD’s own scripting dialogs, making Python scripting faster and easier than ever. More information about Python, PSOs, and the Dynamic Input command is available at

If you haven’t already, check out the new Python API. It’s superfast, superstable, and you can create your own PSOs to automate any process you can’t live without.

Introduction to Design Principles:

A set of guidelines that help you create better, more efficient drawings. The Design Principles module helps you understand and use principles in your work, and many Design Principles are included with AutoCAD on all platforms. This release includes two completely new Design Principles: Configure with One Click and Separate Data from Drafting with Better Design.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.8Ghz or AMD Phenom II X4 940 GHz
Memory: 2GB RAM (4GB recommended)
Video: Nvidia GeForce 9600/GeForce GT 330/ATI Radeon X1300 or better
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Drive: 10GB of free hard drive space
Sound: DirectX