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Angular resolve a promise inside a promise

Using Angular to retrieve some data from a web service.
I need to call a promise that runs a function getSessionToken, which triggers a promise that when resolved will return a session token.
Now I need to call a service to retrieve some other data, which should be the session token.
This is what I have so far. It’s not working. I’m getting a:
GET 404 (Not Found)

User.getSessionToken() doesn’t exist.
How do I resolve a promise inside a promise?
function getUser() {
return User.getSessionToken();

// user.service
function getUser() {
return new Promise( ( resolve, reject ) => {
// mock the getSessionToken method
const mock = jest.fn().mockReturnValue( sessionToken );
resolve( mock );

// user.controller
.then( resolve => {
return User.getDetails()
.then( res => {

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